Cumberland Union
Baptist Church

Cumberland Union Baptist Church
6957 Tabor Church Rd.
Fayetteville, NC 28312
TEL 910-309-7722

John Blackman, Jr.


The History of Cumberland Union Baptist Church

Cumberland Union Baptist Church was organized and established on the second Sunday in April, 1878. The original building was competed in the summer of 1881. The current sanctuary is the original building.
The first minutes recorded show that Elder J.M. Beasley was elected chairman, and J.G. Fisher was requested to act as clerk. The presbytery consisted of Elders J.H. Beasley, M.S. Melvin and J.G. Fisher A church covenant and rules of decorum were presented and read, after which the presbytery proceeded to call and examine the letters presented for charter membership. They are as follows: George F. Thaggard, Van Buren Hair, Noah Cashwell, Mary J. Cashwell, R.V. Cashwell, M.H. Cashwell, I.C. Melvin, Susan Melvin, Arthur Gore, M.M. Gore and William S. Pope. All received the “right hand of fellowship” from the presbytery.
The church proceeded to worship and Arthur Gore and I.E. Melvin were elected as deacons. George Thaggard was elected church clerk.
From the beginning Cumberland Union Baptist Church was active in supporting missions. They collected each month, $1.50 for Associational missions, $1.50 for Home missions, and $3.50 for Foreign missions. By October, 1880 the missions recorded were: per month; $2.00 Home missions, State missions $5.00, and Foreign mission $5.00.
The Women’s Missionary Union was first mentioned in the minutes of December 1896. The W.M.U. currently meets on the 1st Tuesday each month. All the above mentioned missions are still funded by CUBC. Many others have been added through the years and we continue to find new ways to minister to the unsaved.
Many additions have been added and we now have a very comfortable place in which to worship.
All are invited to join us in worship each week.
C.O.F.F.E.E.                     9:00 am
Sunday School               9:45 am
Worship Service          11:00 am
Evening Services           6:00 pm
      C.A.R.E.                    6:00 pm
      Prayer Meeting      7:00 pm
        1st Wednesday Family night
        2nd Wednesday Business meeting
1st and 3rd Thursday
      Men's Bible Study   7:00 pm